Patek Philippe Nautilus 57111R-Whether gold allowed

Maybe I have changed in recent years, or at least my taste has changed. But I am warming up for a gold watch.

Not only do I think they are usually too flashy, tacky or any tags you want to use. But I also think that some rolex replicas for sale amazon should be made of stainless steel only.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Swiss Nautilus are perfect examples of this idea
But, as I wrote, I am warming up for these classic stainless steel luxury sports rolex replica amazon gold watches and even gold editions.

Gerald Genta is not saying this is their original intention. But as long as I have the greatest respect for the original design. I can accept it.

However, I still have some purists, confused between real steal trades or warm gold.

Since I think this is a rolex replica watches amazon that should not wear in sports anyway. So gold can definitely use for this replica rolex watches amazon.

When I first saw this work, I just shrugged and said to myself. Nautilus’ stainless steel model 5711 / 1A or old-fashioned 3700 / 1A is the day. I wish to have.

However, when I made an appointment in the Patek Philippe booth in Basel and See and try new Nautilus Gold. I was no longer so sure.

The brand-new Nautilus gold case is amazing, even on pale skin like me. I can get rid of it.

On the stainless steel dial that I have tried often, it feels comfortable and lightweight (still has enough weight to ensure that your amazon rolex replica watches is still there). While the gold dial is much larger. The weight of gold will not make you forget what is on your wrist.

In addition to weight, due to the warmth of gold also exists. Because the surface treatment of the case and bracelet is very easy to recognize.

This rolex replica watch amazon will never look sticky or flashy.

Golden Nautilus is nothing new. In fact, in the late 1970s, the first Nautilus reference (3700 / 1A) also produced in gold.

Later Nautilus models are also available in gold color (eg reference 5980 chronograph), but never reference 5711 / 1A.

Patek Philippe Decided to use rose gold its case and bracelet instead of the stainless steel version of the blue-green dial. They chose a warm chocolate brown as the dial.

It brings a very elegant look to the watch and makes you forget the fact that Nautilus should only be stainless steel replica rolex on amazon.

In fact, this makes me wonder whether Nautilus 5711 / 1R gold coins are something that purists can get rid of.

In addition to the fact that the original 1970s 3700 / 1A gold actually exists, you can also argue whether the current 5711 / 1A is too far away from the pure original 3700 / 1A series (the following is a comparison of 3700) / 1A and 5711 / 1A).

The transparent case, the second hand and the fact that it is no longer a single-case case have made 5711 / 1A a modern interpretation of the original 3700 / 1A.

The best solution may be to own an original Patek Philippe 3700 / 1A stainless steel and use the rose gold Nautilus 5711 / 1R as a modern amazon replica rolex.

Seeing that I am looking for an excuse to have both? The new Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 / 1R is a good example of how it is done in gold.

Patek Philippe did a great job. Genta, who is proficient in me, may have always desired the stainless steel mint state 3700 / 1A, and the rose gold 5711 / 1R on the wrist will make this kind of hunting more comfortable.

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